The Roar of Democratic LiqUidity

Marnotaur is a liquidity protocol for secure undercollateralized margin. It is fully compatible with any other DeFi protocol or network, enabling traders, farmers, and keepers to multiply their gains.


Up to 5x undercollateralized margin for DEX trading.


Up to 9x leverage on farming, to beat the competition.


Deep flash loan liquidity to unwind debt positions or bid on defaulting loans.

Strong holders

Provide loans of a bigger size to traders and earn more interest.

Professional DeFi Trading: SUperior Capital Efficiency

The average trade on most CEX is 25x. DeFi struggles to offer 1.5x.

DeFi margin is a combination of borrowing funds from lending protocols like Aave and then trading on a DEX, like Uniswap. This system requires overcollateralization and is capital inefficient.

Crypto market runs on high leverage. Marnotaur lets traders escrow funds in a smart contract and then trade on a DEX with 5x leverage, almost 250% improvement on the current DeFi margin standards.

Empowering Retail to LiqUidity Farm like Whales

Fair launch and liquidity bootstrapping projects try to distribute tokens to project adopters, i.e. liquidity providers. Whales always end up dominating such campaigns.

The current dynamic is a threat to the success of decentralization. A few wealthy participants always claim the lion’s share of tokens.

Marnotaur provides powerful undercollateralized access to stablecoins and major to enable up to 9x leverage on farming. This gives retail farmers the power to compete against whales.

Keeping DeFi decentralized through true democratization of wealth.

Flash Loans for Good: SecUring Deposits

Lending protocols in DeFi require collateral. If the collateral price drops sharply, lenders may be at risk of having issued more value in loans than the value held as collateral.

Marnotaur provides flash loans that allow anyone to become a protocol keeper. The technology enables undercollateralized loans to quickly auction off the depreciating collateral in lending protocols.

This is an execution of flash loans that deliver positive impact in the DeFi market by ensuring lenders’ funds are secure, with loans that are reaching under-collateralization being rapidly liquidated to secure lenders’ funds.

MarnotaUr FeatUres

Marnotaur enables the most important liquidity operations in DeFi.

Leveraged Trading

Marnotaur technology can tap into both order book and swap decentralized exchanges, and provides 5x leveraged long or short trades on assets.
This technology is a pillar to the success of DeFi in the struggle of overcoming centralized solutions. Non-custodial trading with leverage is an evolutionary advantage of Marnotaur.

Leveraged Farming

Farming has become an established form of acquiring both traders and liquidity depth. Marnotaur ensures campaigns stay true to the ethos of decentralization.
The protocol provides undercollateralized access to liquidity farmers, enabling them to farm with a greatly multiplied wealth, allowing anyone to operate like a whale..

MaximUm Leverage

Marnotaur allows easily deployable flash loans for retail and developers alike.

Profit on arbitrage, win auctions of debt liquidations, and unwind outstanding loans with high-frequency execution.

MarnotaUr Fees

Profitable Liquidity Services

Trading: Leveraged trades are charged 5 basis points (0.05%).

Farming: Leveraged farming is charged a fee on surplus farmed rewards earned due to provisioned margin.

Flash Loans: A 25 basis points fee is applied to flash loans.

Token economy

Staking Rewards

Locked stakers earn a portion of protocol fees.

Fee Discounts

Protocol users who do not hold network tokens face higher fees.

Token Liquidity

Portion of protocol fees support token liquidity on the secondary markets.


Locked stakers have the power to direct protocol decision.


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